"Why is it so hard to find a good biller?" ~Kim Knight

The Story of Acubiller

Our story begins in 2010, when Eliza McBryde and Kim Knight stumble upon a mystery that will change the course of their lives. Kim has just been seriously burned by her biller, seeks a competent biller for her busy acupuncture practice, and can’t find one. TL;DR Eliza and Kim started a billing company.

Fueled by the trust, satisfaction, and word-of-mouth of our amazing clients, we grew from a one-woman operation into a thriving business. Our mission is to make you happy, get you paid, and let you focus on your patients.

In-depth insurance billing tips and insights

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Explore our treasure trove of practical insurance billing tips. Whether you’re learning the basics, looking for How Tos, or fine-tuning your insurance billing strategy, our articles are full of insights to help your clinic succeed.